zodiac-clockDo you offer a money back guarantee?

The spell-casting fees cover the cost of the needed spell supplies & include our service fee. The service fee is the exchange for having us cast a spell for you. When we cast a spell on your behalf it is a service to you. I as High Priestess and I have a High Priest in attendance during ritual.

I grow all the herbs used in rituals to cast a spell. I have approximately 40 different herbs on hand at all times of the year. I also use oils, candles, incense, charcoal and resin. Your payment also is for our service of casting the spell for you. Since we don’t receive a refund or any reimbursement for spell supplies that we use during a spell-casting, & since our time & energy cannot be refunded to us, we do not offer a money back guarantee.

There are also many contributing factors as to why a spell may or may not work. This is usually due to negative thinking. Where positive thinking and faith open us to receiving, negativity, worry, doubt and fear block us from receiving what we’ve asked for. It makes perfect sense that one may experience a negative outcome if s/he chooses to engage in repeated negative and or worrying thinking. That’s why positive belief is so extremely important in magic workings and life in general.

I do not cast spells for just anyone. I have to speak to my client and get to learn all about their individual needs and desires. I must feel comfortable to know that the spell will achieve success before i will agree to cast the spell. In the event i do not believe the goal can be achieved, i will not cast the spell. Effective spell casting takes a lot of spiritual work, time and energy.


How soon will I see results?

Once the spell is cast, the universe is always working for us at every moment whether it is visible to us or not. You may begin seeing results at any time. In some cases, clients have reported seeing results before the spellwork has even been fully completed. In “general”, you will usually begin to notice results within 2-4 weeks upon completion of the spell.

Changes MUST always take place within the person(s) involved in the spellwork before those changes will show up in one’s physical reality.


Is using Magick harmful, controlling or manipulative?

Magick is neutral.  These are relative terms that we use to describe whether or not some event has been to our liking or not. Magick can only be harmful if it is used to intentionally harm another, or if it is not well thought out. For example, if someone were to cast a spell to draw money into his/her life, but s/he neglects to include that s/he wishes for no harm to come to anyone as a result — s/he may experience an event such as a loved one pass away and s/he then receives a large inheritance. If the purpose of the spell is well thought out, and it is clear that we wish for no harm to come to anyone/anything as a result, there is no reason to worry over harm resulting toward anyone, including ourselves. Using Magick to obtain a specific goal is in no way controlling or manipulating, even if that goal involves influencing another person in some way. It is only manipulative or controlling if one sets out to intentionally control or manipulate or harm that person. Magick that is designed to control the will of another seldom works. If by some small chance it does work, the results will usually not be positive or lasting. In no way are the spells that I offer intended to control, manipulate or harm any being in any way whatsoever.

Most “controlling spells” are designed to intentionally overwhelm and confuse the mind of the person who the spell is being worked upon. (Very similiar to the brainwashing methods that some cults and many churches use to control people). Once this person’s clarity has become clouded, they are in a very fragile state of mind and more likely to accept or blindly follow whatever subconscious thoughts & messages that are sent to them because they can’t think clearly enough to decide for themselves what they truly want. Thus the person may fall under the control of another. This type of control can apply magickally or otherwise in everyday life. If by some chance this type of spell does in fact work, the results will most likely take a negative turn and it may “seem” that the spell has “backfired”. I don’t believe in spells “backfiring”. Every cause brings an effect. In a case where a controlling spell is used, usually when the one who cast the spell starts noticing “negative” results, they want to write it off as the spell “backfiring” rather than taking responsibility for the effect which resulted from “their” cause. If you try to control a person through the use of Magick, usually what will happen is, you might see very few short-lived results that you’d hoped for, but what had been neglected while casting the controlling spell, is that as human beings we all have a need for balance.

If we become imbalanced in anyway, we can become sick, unhealthy, depressed, etc. Whether we are affected by this imbalance physically, mentally, emotionally, or on any level, it can still affect us in a negative way that is not for our highest good. Right about the time that the person thinks that their controlling spell is “backfiring”, what’s *really* happening is that the person who s/he worked the spell upon has begun feeling an imbalance and s/he is subconsciously seeking to achieve balance. When this takes place, the person may suddenly become extremely angry at the one who cast the “controlling spell” on him/her. S/he may feel a dire need for space, to be alone, or to get as far away as they can from the person who cast the controlling spell on them.

This person may or may not even realize to the full extent of “WHY” they are reacting or responding to the person in this way. Usually, unless they have an extremely keen awareness, chances are they will not know exactly why they are feeling so much anger toward the person. Most of the time s/he just wants to get away from the person. S/he may realize how they feel overwhelmed, confused or like something “just isn’t right”. S/he may begin feeling crowded or smothered by the person. What is actually happening is the person is subconsciously realizing that the person tried to control them unfairly. Anger is a defense mechanism. Usually, the person doesn’t even realize why. These are very common side effects of controlling spells that are often misinterpreted as a spell “backfiring”. It is also commonly referred to as “the spell wearing off” whenever the person finally gets a clear head again. Meaning when the person begins thinking for him/herself again rather than blindly following subconscious “orders”.

The person may feel confused or over-stressed. S/he may be the type to avoid how they truly feel or they may have a habit of burying their feelings. For whatever reason, sometimes it’s just difficult if not impossible to communicate effectively with the everyday approach through all of the mental/emotional clutter that can stand in the way. There may be past issues that have not been dealt with which we call emotional baggage or feelings of fear that block the person off from their true essence & how they really feel.

*My spellwork is designed to communicate with the person’s higher self in such a way that we can circumvent all of the mental/emotional “stuff” and communicate effectively whatever it may be that we’d like to get through to them. In no way is this controlling.*

In fact, through allowing the persons emotions to surface, we are actually in a sense helping them. Once their feelings surface, they can be dealt with and released which will be like the world being lifted from their shoulders. And in this, it will give them the chance to see what you have to offer. It doesn’t trick them into seeing something that isn’t there. What it does do, however, is bring out your natural beauty and allow this person to see how you truly feel for them, and the love you have to offer. It allows the person to see the truth that you want them to see very clearly on a spiritual level beyond the mental/emotional stuff that can distort our perception. It’s giving you both the fair chance that you deserve.