On the right you will find some examples of categories which my guides will help you in finding the best course of action.  I can also guide you with other issues such as family, friends, gambling, gay and lesbian concerns at the same affordable price.  I allow you to ask your specific questions you wish to have answered and I will not tell you anything that you do not want to hear.

Unlike like others, I will not waste valuable minutes asking irrelevant question Tarot4intended to extend your stay like some phone Psychics do.  My personalized service is available to you daily at very affordable prices.  With each reading you purchase, I will give you an additional” free 10 minutes “as my way of saying thank you for your trust in my guidance.

15 minutes…………..$39.00

30 Minutes…………..$59.00

45 Minutes…………..$79.00

60 Minutes…………..$99.00

Phone readings are also available for your convenience at an additional $10.00 per reading.

My readings are performed live, one on one in a secure and private chat room as I focus on you and your needs.  There is no need to wait days for an appointment or an email response.  You will chat live with me Monday-Friday 9am-7pm est. Saturday and Sunday by prepaid appointment only.


One of the most popular categories is love and romance.  This reading will give you accurate detailed information regarding either your current situation or what the future will hold as well as many startling revelations.  This reading will also provide you with insight regarding your spouse, love triangles, co-worker interest, and much more as spirit guides.   Searching for Mr or Miss Right? Looking to find solutions to your marriage?  These questions will be answered to you accurately, honestly & professionally.


Another very popular category is moving. For example, if you met someone online and developed a strong connection with them and are considering moving closer to them, I can give you accurate guidance based on the cards and what spirit is telling me, on what your best course of action will be.

Or what about if you are offered a job position with a company in a different state or even in a different country, I will tell you what your best course of action should be. I know you will be very happy with my guidance.


Are you in line for a big promotion?  Is now the time to ask the boss for a raise?  Been thinking about a career change but unsure if now is the right time?  This reading will give you the guidance you need to know how your career is shaping up and what the work place has in store for you.  Most of us spend 8 hours each day at work.  Well now you can use powerful Spellcasting  to ensure you are getting the most out of your career, both financially and emotionally.