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Are you heart broken? Are you longing for true love? I can help you. I can construct any and all type of spells.


100% Pure White Magick
Magick is an infinite possibility in it’s purest form. Magick is the power of divine love – the power of our universal life force in motion. The basic concept of magick, is to consciously create, using the divine power that exists within and around us at all times. Magick is a method similar to that of an advanced prayer. Prayer and meditation are used to apply the power of thought & will in order to influence a specific desired outcome, or to simply connect with nature and the divine within us.

So why use magick?: What makes magick work, IS the power of thought. Without thought power and the assistance of the universe, a spell is practically of no use. Magick is using our thought power to create the reality in which we desire, combined with the assistance of the universe. Prayer, meditation, and thought power are all forms of magick! They are all essentially one and the same.

Individual spells Each spell is constructed for your personal needs. For example :A love spell and a prosperity spell are constructed in 2 totally different ways. A spell to dispell negative influences and a weight loss spells are constructed differently. Once a spell is constructed and cast, it is placed in my book of shadows never to be used again.

Spell Ingredients:

The ingredients in which a spell may call for will vary. This is also determined by what type of spell is being cast. Common ingredients used in a spell-casting will normally include, however are not limited to: candles, oils, herbs, incense, stones, crystals. These items are chosen specifically depending upon which type of spell is being cast. These items enhance our connection to nature. Certain ingredients work to combine the elements of nature into one, bringing the sacred symbols together, & resulting in a gradual build up of energy that we will then *cast* unto the universe to assist us in shaping our reality as our heart’s desire would have it!


This literally means to throw something forth or to turn or direct and that is exactly what we are doing with the energy which we build up during a ritual. All my spells are cast through formal high ceremonial ritual. The ritual consists of Myself as High Priestess, my High Priest and the client of he or she wishes to participate.


Physics tells us that our entire universe is constructed of pure energy. Each molecule, and every single atom within our universe, all vibrate at a specific speed. Everything that exists is made of energy. Stars, oceans, plants & trees, animals, our spirits, right down to our very thoughts: They are all made of energy. When we can grasp this concept, we can better understand how we are one with everything that exists. This means that nothing is impossible! The power to make our dreams come true rests *within* us! We are one with the universe, and all that is. Therefore, the power of the universe is available to us at all times. We just have to open our minds, and our hearts, in order to accept this gift.


: In the cosmic spiritual world there is no such thing as time. This is why the time frame in which spell results will become visible here in the physical world may vary. Each case is different and has its own unique set of circumstances, unique emotions ,unique feelings, unique thoughts, unique energies, etc. Real magick takes time & genuine effort. There is no such thing as a *quick fix* when dealing with the use of magickal workings. However, it is true, that some results may come very quickly, or more quickly than in other cases, although the basic concept being, that spellwork needs the time, and space to manifest its self into our physical world. Since in the spiritual world, time does not exist, this means that the past, present, & future are all ONE. The spiritual world is eternal. It has no beginning, no end. It is forever. Since we do live in the physical world, and here, the concept of time does live within our thoughts, the future is not always immediately known to us. However, since in this eternal, spiritual world, all is one, we can consider our hearts desires to already exist, even before we ask! Our future is already in existence in the spiritual world, since it is eternal. This means that anything we could ever hope for, or desire in our physical lives, is already available to us right now. In order to receive these gifts in our physical world, we must claim our gifts right here in the now!

Love Magic:

The true meaning of Love Magick is quite contrary to many popular beliefs you may have heard out there. When we take the concept of universal love described above, and apply it to the use of love magick, we understand that love magick is not forcing, manipulating, or controlling in anyway whatsoever! Love is compassionate, nurturing, gentle yet strong, kind, forgiving, & understanding and that’s only the beginning!

Many times people will refer to energy fields as being a *spirit*. Love IS a spirit. Just as one may say, “The spirit of fear”, “The spirit of rejection”, “The spirit of kindness”, or “The spirit of prosperity”. All of these have their own unique energy. These energies can also be considered, or referred to by some as, “The spirit of…”.

Real Love Magick is designed to open up the channels of love that naturally connect us with our fellow people. Many times these channels will become clogged with negative energy commonly taking the form of emotions, thoughts, uncertainties, etc., just as your sink may become clogged when something gets stuck inside of the channel in which the water flows through. The above metaphor illustrates just how our spiritual and emotional channels can become clogged whenever we seem to get “stuck” on a negative emotion/thought/etc., or whenever we become closed off to these channels of love. The purpose of love magick is to remove any blockages within our natural channels of love, and to *open* our channels of love to one another. Love magick works to enhance feelings that are already there (by fully opening these channels of love) and by sending the higher self of the person loving thoughts and messages to allow her/him to see that you have true feelings of love for her/him, (Thereby, working to open the channels of love). The person still has the option of free will to decide whether to receive or not receive these messages. In no way are we forcing one into loving another against her/his will. Love magick also works by contacting the higher self of the other person in order to reach her/him on a higher, more reasonable level of their being, which is not influenced or burdened down the stress, distractions, or circumstances which can be experienced in everyday life. In no way are you upsetting the “natural order” of things by using magick to accomplish a goal or influence a situation. Love IS the natural order of things. Magick is our connection with the universe, and our gift of the universe. The universe is always here to help us, all we have to do is ask.

The universe does not discriminate: We are created in the image of universal love. In this, we are also given the gift of free will. This is why many people with harmful intentions may use magick to harm another and succeed. We are all given the gift of free will to use magick at our own discretion. It is not magick its self that is good or evil. It is always the “intentions” behind our reasoning for using magick which will determine whether what we do will be for good or evil. Keep in mind, that what is sent out, does return to its source. Even the act of a simple negative thought toward another, will eventually return to us. Hence the Law of Karma.


Since the universe is not that which makes the decisions within the thoughts, magickal workings, etc., of another, (due to the gift of free will), in order to be protected from the negative energies and harmful intentions which one may send in our direction, we must call upon the universe for protection. The power of universal love which will protect us, is the same power which one may harness to attempt harm to you. It is because of the universe that we have our own personalized version, of this power. It is a gift. We all have the option of how we are going to use these gifts, and we determine by our intentions and actions, if our gifts will be used for good or evil. Open your heart, and your awareness to universal love. Allow this love reality to fill your thoughts and gently wrap you up in its gentle, yet powerful protection. Visualize white light surrounding you, your loved ones, your belongings, and all that you desire protection over.

Free Will:

We are all given the gift of free will. Through our will, we have the power to will things to happen. Magick that is designed to control the will of another, m works or brings forth positive results. The results are usually very short-lived with out continued use of magick. For example, if one desires to bring back a lost love, the spellwork will have a much increased chance of working and bringing forth positive results & our desired outcome, if we allow this person to see the honest love that you have for them, by contacting her/his higher more reasonable self. (The persons spirit or soul) In the event where magick is used as an attempt to control another, chances are the results will not be positive or lasting! . They then end up feeling defeated and have little faith in magick, the one thing they have available to actually HELP repair their situation. Results always vary from case to case. Each situation is unique and different. Immediate results very seldom last, if they even occur to begin with. Usually, the best results are those that take time, because we know the universe is really working to shape our reality. Real magick can take real patience, dedication & a strong, determined will. When we allow the results to come in their own timing, they are almost always well worth the wait!


The universe may not send you what you’ve requested if the situation is bad for you. For example, in cases where one may turn to magick in hopes of reuniting with an abusive partner. The universe may not send this person back into your life if it will only result in harming you further or if it is not for your highest good. However, if the past partner is willing to heal over the issues which motivate her/him to abuse others, there may be an exception. Sometimes for reasons that may be unknown to us, the universe may decide that it is not best to grant our request. However, in situations where this may be the case, the universe will always send us something much greater than our original hearts desire! We may realize that we don’t truly want that which we thought we wanted after all. I’ve experienced very few cases where the client did not receive exactly what they asked for. The #1 reason for this was almost always because the client ended up changing his/her mind about wanting what they originally asked for or later realized they didn’t truly want it after all.

Spell Prices:

A “Regular” spell to work with your request is where i perform 7 full days of spiritual work. There are some things you will also have to do to assist me which can be done in the privacy of your home.

Regular Spell…..$250.00 Purchase This Spell

A “Premium” spell which is very powerful, is where I perform 7 full days of spiritual work for you based on your request and your specific desires . This Spell is designed specifically for you which is a long term and long lasting spell which takes effective from immediately on up to 32 days and lasts for a very long time up to eternity.

Premium Spell ….$500.00 Purchase This Spell

My Premium spell which is designed to impact any stale relationship, whether it be within your self, to build confidence and courage or to bring love back into a relationship, it will also reunite lovers who are not together and/or it will banish any negative feelings between two people so they can move forward in a new and positive lasting romance. This is also designed to work with immediate results. This spell is has been known to draw soul mates together.  I perform 28 days of spiritual work with this premium level spell.  This spell will also bring a “NEW” lover to you, if that is your desire.

Platinum Spell……$750.00 Purchase This Spell

Once I construct this “Platinum” spell I will give you a list of things which you will need to do to enhance this spell. I then begin casting for a full 28 days for 2 hours a day.  This is designed to create an impact on the projected target.  This spell includes all the powers of the universe through formal High Ritual.

Please keep in mind with all spiritual spell casting services , the spirit world is eternal.

I have been spell casting for over 40 years. I am an Ordained High Priestess which grants me the approval and authority of Wicca Law to cast a spell providing no harm is caused. I guarantee my spells 100%.

Custom Spell………………… Pay Other Specific Amount