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Visualization is one of the most important qualities needed to perform a successful ritual or spell. Visualization and meditation enhance concentration. These 3 things are all necessary skills to possess in Witchcraft and are what we use to strengthen our personal power. Visualization can change negative thoughts into positive ones, make goals into reality, and bring about great clarity of mind.

These are the REAL powers of a Witch. These are the skills we use when we encounter problems in daily life. How we strengthen our mind and body to enable ourselves to perform powerful rituals, and yes, even the occasional spell or two. Sound too flaky or unimportant? Think of it this way. When a Witch performs a spell or ritual, it always has a clear intent. How effective do you think one would be if we couldn’t CLEARLY visualize the purpose of it in our head? Not ‘wish’ for something or ‘imagine it’, but actually SEE it…in perfect detail. We visualize the result of our intent as we want it to be, and because we know how to visualize we can see it crystal clear.

Visualization is not having a foggy image or vague intent in your head, but something so clear and tangible you can almost touch it. It is the most basic yet advanced technique that is used in Witchcraft and Magick. Without it we wouldn’t be able to even cast a circle. Now that I’ve made the importance of it clear, the next logical step is to give you instructions on how to learn this important technique. The following are some very effective exercises from Scott Cunningham’s book Wicca – A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner that can be used to practice and enhance your natural visualization capabilities.

Just like meditation, visualization can take time to enhance. Everyone learns at their own pace. Don’t set any preconceived notions of how fast you should be able to learn how to master these exercises. Take all the time you need and repeat each exercise until you are totally confident that you have mastered it. These exercises gradually increase in difficulty and may take quite a while to learn depending on the individual. Be patient with yourself. If you begin to feel frustrated doing any of these exercises stop and try again later. Remember to follow the relaxation and breathing suggestions in the first exercise during all of them.

Exercise One

Sit or lie comfortably with your eyes shut. Relax your body, Breathe deeply and still your mind. Pictures will continue to pop into your head. Choose one of these and stick with it. Let no images intrude other than the one you’ve chosen. Keep all thoughts revolving around the image. Retain this picture for as long as you can, then let it go and end the exercise. When you can retain one picture for more than a few minutes, move on to the next exercise.

Exercise Two

Decide upon an image to hold and retain it within your mind. You might want to have it physically present so you can study it very closely first. Memorizing each detail – the way shadows play on it, its textures, colors, perhaps even a scent. You could start with something simple first, like a plain jar or an orange, or more complex such as a jagged amethyst geode or a detailed picture.

After studying it thoroughly, close your eyes and try to see the object with the exact clarity. Don’t look at the object again with your physical eyes but with your powers of visualization. When you can hold the image of a detailed object with perfect clarity in your mind for 5 minutes, move to the next exercise.

Exercise Three

Visualize something that you have never seen before. Make up a non-existent thing, anything. Do this with your imagination and visualization. For example, imagine what a piece of fruit would look like from a distant planet like Jupiter. Perhaps a flower on Venus etc. Create a clear image of this object. Make it detailed, make it real. What colors does it have? How big is it? What shape is it? Remember that it is a real object in your mind. Turn it over in your mind so you can see it from all angles. Then let it vanish. When you can create and hold these non- existent objects clearly in your mind for 5 minutes or so, move to the next lesson

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