303608_2920179023518_179593987_nI am a tarot card reader and a natural born mystic psychic reader and EMPATH. I have been reading professionally for over 30 years. I have a cat a dog, some fish and i am a WITCH.

I am a Wiccan Ordained High Priestess. Upon initiation my vows included the moral code of “harm none”

Wicca is in fact a recognized Religion and is divided into many traditions with its own structure. It is a nature based practice.  Worshiping a god and a goddess is one of my greatest passions and pleasures.

I am sincere and wish to guide you as spirits guide me whether using my tarot cards or not by working closely with the spirit world I can help you to find the answers to life’s sometimes most difficult and trying situations.  My accuracy based on client feedback is 100%

Being a card reader and a psychic reader does not mean I am abnormal or belong to a devil cult or that I do not believe in God.  I have developed my abilities over the course of my life.

As a child I began keeping a daily journal where I would write down my dreams and my visions.  By doing this, it would help me to understand why my dreams would manifest into reality within a few hours after waking.

I take pride in my ability in providing professional and spiritual guidance.  Many people believe and feel that psychics have a gift from god and readings should be free. Everything in our life is a gift from God. God is the creator of all that is and I do have a very strong connection with God and a very strong connection with the Goddess and Mother Nature.

All professions such as doctors, nurses, custodians, cooks, lawn care people and sanitation workers are gifts from God. These folks get compensated for their diligent service to the community and to their customers and I to get compensated for my time spent with you.

We all have our own spiritual and religious beliefs as spirituality is as individual as your heart and finger prints.   My website is the best place for you to start finding the answers that you are searching for.

In addition to tarot card and psychic readings, I also perform the art of “Spellcasting

Strongly rooted in tradition, Spellcasting is an art and a craft which is very scientific and takes years to perfect.I have been spell casting for over 40 years.  I am proud to say my success rate is quite remarkable.  I can custom any Wiccan spell for you to achieve your desires. Enhance your needs by drawing a specific lover, a former lover, a new lover, to obtain power, a new job, money and more.  Banishing and repelling negativity from your life is very important including weightloss, and my success rate is once again remarkable in this area.

All my spells are constructed by me and cast through formal High Ritual.  Once the casting is complete, each spell is placed in my book of shadows never to be used again.